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More than just a billing service... British Columbia's Largest Service Bureau British Columbia's Largest Service Bureau Serving Physicians in B.C. since 1987 Serving Physicians in B.C. since 1987

Medcom Billing Systems Provides Outstanding Personalized Service.

Let our team help you take the
headaches out of billing!
Why Choose Medcom?

In addition to the daily challenges associated with billing, physicians must concern themselves with the task of maintaining consistency and accuracy during staff training, holidays, maternity leaves, and illness. Claims missed in the billing process and rejected claims that are not followed up, can amount to significant dollars lost.

The cost of Medcom Billing Services will pay for itself.

It only takes a few claims that might otherwise have gone unpaid. We are in the very best position to address all your billing headaches. Because of our billing volume and variety, we have developed a very comfortable working relationship with the good people at MSP and WCB. Our extensive experience in billing and rejections allows us to provide you and your staff with guidance that will be helpful in securing timely MSP and WCB payments. And just think, the expenses of hardware, software, up-dates, repairs, and deadlines will all become Medcom’s challenges!

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Pro Support

Speak to one of our 42 Live Billing agents across the province of British Columbia.

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Great Advice

Let our team of billing experts remove the headache of dealing with rejected claims and put an end to avoidable lost revenue.

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Optimal Choice

Customized Reports created with the health authorities of BC. Multiple categories of Reports for transparent billing.


Discover CC Billing!

A New Approach to Collecting Outstanding Accounts

Now you can reduce your bad debt substantially and speed up the whole receivables process. With three out of four uninsured patients wanting the option to pay by credit card, there’s no telling how much money you can save by receiving your fee guaranteed within 10 business days.


About Medcom

Medcom Billing Systems Inc. is the leading medical billing services provider in British Columbia with over 30 years of experience. We want you to be able to work smarter not harder. We have spent most of our 30 years experience doing in house data entry along with visits to doctors’ offices and clinics. Get in touch with one of our specialists today to find out how we can help you streamline your billing.


Billing Your Way with Personalized Service!